Identification of Skills needs and Training by Elder Caregivers

Design of a Psychometric Tool to test the mental capacity of elderly care workers

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Provision of the First Code of Conduct for Ageing Care Givers, to enhance quality of their services WBL

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Design and development of 2 VET curricula

that will enhance the employability of elderly care givers across Europe within the areas of Digital & New Technologies Skills.

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The Eldicare project idea stems from the latest CEDEFOP Skills Panorama findings on the skills mismatch in the Elderly Care Sector.

It aims to offer a pathway out of the grey market of atypical/undeclared elderly caregivers, through education and training in ICT & health applications, modernizing the way elderly care is provided by designing two fresh market-driven curricula responding to the needs of this special demographic group and their families and close ones.




  • Outputs (using social media for dissemination and translating in Spanish, Greek, French, German)

    Project Management Structure
    Partnership Agreement
    Project Management Workbook
    Progress and Final Reports
    Project Meetings
    Internal Confidential Space of the Project website
  • Results (using social media for dissemination)

    Design and Deliver new Curricula
    Rethink and rebrand elderly care
    Issue certification to participants
  • Impact envisaged

    Acquisition of new skills & competences
    Establishment of a value chain among partners
    Creation of innovative and modernized curricula


In this section, at a later stage of EldiCare project, we will explore the potential for embedding open source platforms, like Moodle, e-twinning, which are specifically conducive for e-learning.

The project on line platform will fulfil the following functions:

  • Provide information about the project activities and outputs (curricula, training materials, documents, questionnaires, reports, e-toolkits, info days, conferences) and will contain promotional content (videos, newsletters) via the website providing easy access to a broad and varied audience
  • Facilitate engagement and participation by end users (students, teachers, existing professionals who want to refresh their skills) via e-learning and digital training activities (virtual classes and individual learning elements)

We are going to focus on material that is going to be attractive for a-typical and undeclared workers in order to attract them into the formal elderly care sector. The e-portfolio of digital resources developed for learners will be repackaged and provided online for self-directed and individual learning. These state of the art learning materials will be openly accessed through the online platform by any citizen interested in learning these curricula or elements of them and may provide useful resources particularly for existing professionals working in the elderly care sector who want to refresh and updated their skills, without the opportunity of attending F2F training.

The adaptation and repackaging of our learning resources for wider target groups and especially for disadvantaged groups with limited access to skills training (adult learners, single mothers, unemployed elderly care professionals) will also aim to directly and effectively respond to our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy and access to all commitment

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