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Identification of Skills needs and Training by Elder Caregivers
Freitag, 29 Mai 2020 06:51

Eldicare 4th Virtual Meeting

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eldicare 4th meeting

The partners of the Erasmus+ project: “Eldicare: Matching skills in a growing European Silver Economy” held their 4th SC meeting yesterday, Wednesday, 27/05/2020. The meeting was arranged virtually, via Zoom Platform, as the current Covid-19 situation did not allow the scheduled meeting in Bayreuth, Germany to take place.

All partners responded positively, participating in the meeting, making presentations, and discussing the progress of the project so far, as well as about the steps to be followed in the future. The implications of the pandemic were of a major issue, extensively discussed during the meeting, with all partners commenting on the current situation in the project’s participating countries and giving their views and ideas about how to proceed.

Eldicare’s results up to now were discussed, all partners presented their current contribution in the projects, future strategies and plans were analyzed. It was a very productive meeting, indicating that a good partnership can work efficiently and reach its objectives even during difficult situations that affect everyone.

The partners became aware of all project’s deliverables current progress, agreed on what steps should be followed soon and renewed their meeting for the following month, once again virtually and with many deadlines to be achieved in between.

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