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Identification of Skills needs and Training by Elder Caregivers
Friday, 05 April 2019 08:41

EldiCare project in the 24th Newsletter of the ESA research network on Ageing in Europe!

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On the occasion of the Newsletter of the European Sociological Association, EldiCare project was included in its 24th publication.

Ageing is an area of increasing interest to sociologists and social policy researchers, stimulated not least by awareness of the rising proportion of older people, projected costs of pensions and care, retirement ages, the ‘vertical’ growth of families, changing patterns of consumption and of lifestyles. Societies have responded in differing ways, making ageing and intergenerational relations an exciting and important area of research and debate. It is crucial to recognise, however, that ageing is not a uniform process and that population ageing exacerbates old and creates new social inequalities within and between European countries.

Read the Newsletter here!

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