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Identification of Skills needs and Training by Elder Caregivers
Wednesday, 08 January 2020 16:41

Eldicare Presentation at the 'I National Congress of Education and Learning throughout Life' in Malaga, Spain

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The School of Education Sciences holds the 'I National Congress of Education and Learning throughout Life'. Researchers and professionals in education, social action, Psychology, Social Work and Health Sciences debating the old-age care and caregiver training. The event is promoted by the Research Group in Innovation and Inclusive Educational Development from the Faculty of Education Sciences, and the Eldicare Project.

The Dean of the Faculty of Education Sciences, Rosario Gutiérrez, the professor of the area of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education, Eduardo Elósegui and the director of the Research Group on Inclusive Educational Innovation and Development of the UMA, Juan Leiva, welcomed the participants before giving way to the round table on "Experiences on lifelong learning", moderated by Professor José Manuel Ríos, with the participation of José Jesús Delgado (Senior Classroom of the UMA) José Manuel Marín (geriatrician), Manuel Carabias (physicist), Roque Manchado (pedagogue), Yolanda Sánchez (nurse), Mayte Tudea (Association of Senior Friends of the UMA) and Carmen Crespo and Peña Hernández (The Voice of Life Association).

The Congress has three outstanding presentations, a load of the experts Ángel Pérez Gómez and Rocío Fernández Ballesteros, and the presentation of the Eldicare Project.

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